The Medieval Bible Roadshow

In the last few weeks I went into small silence.  The holidays were followed by the design of a biblical database, and I assumed that these will be of less interest for readers.  If you are, however, keen about using FileMaker Pro scripts in the analysis of manuscript collation (or in family pictures from the Christmas market) – feel free to drop a line in the comments.

For the time being I thought of sending word that the medieval Bible is taking to the road.  As part of the Carnegie project, I’ll be travelling between partner institutions and using local manuscript collections, wherever available, to discuss the unique features of the Late Medieval Bible, the challenges and merits of its digital analysis.  The schedule at the moment is:

  • Aberdeen 1 March, 14:00. Special Collections Centre Seminar Room, Lower Ground Floor, University Library
  • St Andrews 14 March, 14:15
  • Glasgow 16 March, 14:30. The level 12 Henry Heaney Seminar Room, University Library

The Aberdeen and Glasgow sessions will take place in Special Collections, using their medieval manuscripts.  Edinburgh will not be neglected for long – I am putting together  an extended workshop which will bring scholars from further afield to examine its biblical manuscripts.

More soon.



3 Comments on “The Medieval Bible Roadshow”

  1. Kim says:

    Hey Eyal,

    I am interested in using FileMaker Pro to create a database for a manuscript collection for research. I would like to know how you got started. Did you use a template collection and modify it or did you start from scratch? I’d appreciate any information on creating a project like this. Thanks.

  2. eyalpole says:

    It’s a difficult question. I’ve tried a few things, but given the differences between my needs and the standard database (typically stock / client management) I opted to create my own. On the basic level it’s quite strait-forward. If you’re interested in more advance features, I would recommend the FileMaker Training Series – it has 13 modules and is quite useful (although it also goes into quite detailed technical features). If you have any specific question / idea I’ll be happy to offer whatever help I can.

  3. […] Leiden:Brill, 2013.  This is an in-depth exploration of the type of manuscripts explored in the manuscript workshops during the project.  Most of the book is available freely online […]

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