Virtual Exhibition

I recently had a meeting with Richard Bogle, a web designer, for the creation of a digital exhibition for the project.  Circumnavigating the problems of transport, display, security and insurance, we aim at creating a virtual display of biblical manuscripts linked with medieval Scotland. It will probably be biased towards the later Middle Ages.  At its crux will be interactive images, which will be superimposed with layers of information.  Users will be able to examine (zoom, tilt, etc.) the

manuscript and then identify and retrieve comments for specific elements, hyperlinks, images of locations where these Bibles were created or used (just had an excursion to Cambuskenneth Abbeyto take pictures, recommended for picnics in the summer) etc.


The entry page will be a map of Scotland (hopefully this, if we’ll get permission) with a time line.  Sliding on the timeline will reveal manuscript locations on the map according to their dates.  This will enable users to quickly grasp the timeline of Bible use in Scotland (i.e. two surges in the early and later Middle Ages), as well as the uneven distribution of manuscripts in Scotland.

Here is an opportunity for the blog’s readers to leave their mark.   The virtual exhibition is still very much in the planning stage.  I’ll upload a test page once things are more advanced.  But if there are any comments or suggestions, now is the right time.  Richard and I are playing with possibilities and layouts, and we’ll be happy to have more ideas.  The reply box awaits!